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Little Teddy Meets Tiny

Have you ever had that strange uncanny feeling that you are not alone? Whether you call it your sixth sense, a psychic ability or a natural heightened sense of awareness of danger, most of us have experienced the unease of feeling watched. Little Teddy had just that same feeling. He didn’t know whether it was the wolf-like howling, the heavy canine panting, the excited barking or simply the soft brush of a fur-covered tail against his face as a four-legged shadowy creature bounded past him but something told him that he was not alone. Little Teddy’s gaze diverted from the buzzing ambling insects darting too and fro between the summer’s rich blossoms and he stared across into the undergrowth of the meadow, to where the bounding shadow had darted away, into the depths of the swaying tall grasses.

“What on earth …” began Teddy with an astonished cry but, before he could finish his exclamation, a dark ebony muzzle poked back out from the tall stems of grass and Little Teddy found himself looking straight into a tiny pair of glossy eyes that beamed with a playful innocence of fun.

The head extended forward to reveal a surround of short golden-brown hair that shone with a rich radiance and it opened to reveal a sugar-pink tongue that drooled and slopped about. The head continued with its forward motion and nuzzled into Little Teddy’s face, coarsely grating Teddy’s fur with long slender licks of its tongue.

“Hey! Hey!” Little Teddy giggled with playful glee as he made half-hearted attempts to back away from the affection that he was receiving. His initial apprehension evaporated like the early mist on a summer’s morning and he found himself enjoying the novel friendly greeting of this new companion. He looked over the creature with an enquiring eye and marveled in the strength of its features, the muscular build upon its limbs and the symmetry of its pair of pointed upright ears.

Little Teddy looked up at the size of the new arrival and exclaimed with a sense of determined assertion, “What a beautiful horse you are. I’ve never seen such a magnificent beast!”

Teddy stepped back from the tall grass and the beast followed. With every few small bear footsteps that he took, the beast took one stride to remain at his side.

“Haven’t you a home to go to, Mister Horse?” Little Teddy enquired of the beast, as he continued his steps back through the meadow grass. The beast replied with a whimper and continued to follow the little bear as he backed through the undergrowth.

“You can’t stay with me,” continued the small bear with a sense of resignation, Surely, you have an owner and a home to return to.”

The beast yapped a playful bark and ran around the small confused bear with lighthearted bounds. Little Teddy stepped out of the meadow and onto the warm golden sands of the adjacent beach. The beast followed his every step and remained faithfully by his side as he walked.

“Well …” continued the bear, “… I guess I could look after you until someone comes to claim you. After all, I can’t leave you alone in the meadow with no one to care for you.”

And with that, Little Teddy stepped out onto the beach, for the long walk home to his seaside cabin. He gazed up at the gigantic creature towering over him.

“You make me feel so tiny!” he sighed

He paused on the word “Tiny” and repeated it again in contemplation.

“Tiny … Tiny … That would be the ideal name for you!” he chucked and he called the name aloud once again. “Tiny!”

With a bark, the creature bounded around Little Teddy and, with a gentle flick of its soft muzzle, lifted him onto his back. The small bear found himself being carried along the edge of the beach, in the direction of his home.

“Well …” exclaimed the bear, “You are one mighty fine horse and I am so glad that I found you.”

He learnt forward and grasped the beast’s neck with his soft stubby arms. Little Teddy hugged the strong muscular neck, as he rode upon its back.

“I’m Little Teddy …” he whispered into one of the beast’s pointed upright ears. “… and I think you are the most amazing horse I have ever seen.”

Tiny gave a contented yap and continued with his gigantic steps across the sand, towards Teddy’s cabin. He couldn’t explain to the small teddy that he had been abandoned and nor could he explain to the teddy how much he thought of his new friend but somehow (call it a sixth sense, a psychic ability or a natural heightened sense of awareness) Little Teddy knew.Image


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