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The Big Space Adventure

One clear June evening, Skippy took Little Teddy to the Fairy Dell and there they laid looking at the stars. Skippy told the bear all about the North Star in the constellation of Ursa Minor (The Little Teddy) and how to find it using the pointers in Ursa Major. (The Great Teddy) How Little Teddy wished he could explore those stars!

Skippy Shows Teddy the Stars

It had been a long evening and Skippy began to splutter. Perhaps he had caught a cough in the chill night air. Even still, he promised Teddy that they would visit a real space exhibition the following day.

Skippy and his Cough

Despite his tickly throat from the previous evening, Skippy took Teddy to a space exhibition and the first thing the little bear wanted to do was to sit in a replica space craft.

“What does that sign say?” Little Teddy asked.

Skippy looked carefully at the words and read them out.

“What does that sign say?”

“D-cough-cough-on’t,” spluttered Skippy with a hacking cough, “Push the red button.”

Skippy Splutters a Reply

Obediently, the little bear did what he was told and pushed the red button firmly with one claw of his paw.

The doors slammed locked shut and the red warning lights started to flash. Billowing clouds of steam and smoke escaped from the engines and a loud voice was heard counting down over the speakers. Skippy knew at once what had happened but it was too late to stop the launch, even if he had wanted to. He turned to Little Teddy and gave a knowing wink and a small smile radiated from the corner of his mouth.

“Take this.” He said to the teddy, “I think we may be due for an adventure pretty soon indeed.”

Helmets On!

The two of them held each other’s hand very tightly as the rocket soared into the depths of outer space. (Had they of looked down to the ground, they might have even seen the hazy unfocused outline of two small shadowy figures looking up at them as they flew towards the stars. More about this strange paradox will be revealed later in the story!)

Exploring Space

There isn’t the room to describe the things that they saw or the adventures that they had, perhaps that may come in a different story. Only the expanses of an innocent child’s imagination can grasp the breath of wonderful adventures that they experienced in the realms of outer space.

Space Adventures

Soon it was time for bedtime and Skippy spotted a wormhole in some distance galaxy. He took the hand of Little Teddy and, together, they jumped into the inky darkness and back through space and time through the bizarre twists and coils of the astro-anomaly.

Skippy and Teddy Find a Wormhole

Within an instant they were standing back at the space station where they saw a familiar rocket soar into a space, with the helmeted faces of a little boy and his teddy at the window of the craft.

Back in Time to the Start of the Story

“Perhaps someone has made the same error as me,” said Little Teddy, “and pushed the red button by mistake.”

Skippy looked down lovingly into the eyes of the little bear that stood beside him. He was sure in his heart that there could only be one teddy in the world that would have done that!

“Who ever it is,” he whispered to his companion with a knowing wink, “they are sure going to have the most amazing adventure!”

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2 thoughts on “The Big Space Adventure

  1. thisboysslife on said:

    Claps and claps. One of your best re-tellings ever. And, yep, I do know in my heart that there is only one Teddy in the whole universes that could bring such delight to this little boy’s heart and imagination. May we continue to have such exciting and unpredictable and sometimes unexplainable adventures! (I still wonder who those two were that somehow looked just like us that took off in the rocket as we ran home hand in paw…)

  2. If you are interested, you may want to visit Skippy’s blog and read his exciting account here:

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