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The Pirate Adventure

One June Sunday afternoon, Johan handed Little Teddy a pirate’s hat and took him by the hand, into the back garden.

“What’s happening?” enquired Teddy with an inquisitive tone.

“We’re going to play pirates,” replied Johan, as they stepped towards an old cardboard box lying on the lawn. “And we might be gone a very long time.

“When we will get back?” asked the little bear with an intrepid glance back towards his boy.

“Weeks and weeks,” Johan answered with a mischievous smile, “We won’t be home until teatime at least!”

The little bear stepped into the cardboard box and Johan followed in behind.

“Raise the main sail,” called out Johan, “and steady as she goes.”

The sails billowed in the sailed and tugged away at the small ship, as they sailed out across the ocean. Soon their homeport was no more than a small speck on the horizon behind them and the expanse of the ocean lay before them.

As they journeyed away, Little Teddy pointed to the two barrels on the main deck and his curiosity began to get the better of him.

Teddy and Johan Guard the Honey Barrels

“What’s inside these?” he asked Johan, pointing to the two sturdy containers lashed together on the exposed deck of the vessel.

“That’s our valuable consignment of the finest honeys, stolen from the King’s ships off the Caribbean Isles,” replied Johan proudly.

The small bear looked up with awe and wonder at his faithful companion. Johan certainly knew how to treat his little teddy well and he was obviously a loyal and faithful friend.

A single spot of rain landed softly upon Johan’s face.

“We’re in for a heavy storm,” the boy called out and he began to lash the honey barrels securely with think binding hemp ropes, as the ship began to heave and roll in the mighty surf. “Did you see that flash of lightning?” he yelled to his teddy through the imaginary gales of tormenting winds. “Fasten down the main hatch!”

Another single spot of rain fell onto the bear’s nose and Little Teddy felt its gentle caress as it rolled down to his nostril. He licked it off with a single swipe of his tongue.

A Storm at Sea

“Aye Aye Master!” replied the bear and he attended to his chore dutifully anticipating a dreadful gale to strike the vulnerable ship as she heaved in the mighty waves.

Mrs. Jones from next door dashed out into her garden with an empty laundry basket, towards her linen blowing gently in the breeze.

“It looks like rain!” she called out over the fence, as she hastened to collect her drying clothes before the rain set in.

Johan screamed at the neighbour with feigned surprise, “A sea monster! A sea monster! It’s after our valuable cargo.”

He pointed to a mass of seething tentacles erupting from the surface of the waves. Slowly and methodically, each tentacle began to entrap the tiny vessel and began to pull at the delicate structure. Little Teddy began to panic as the ship began to heave under the strain.

The Monster Attacks

“What shall we do?” he squealed with a terrified wail.

“We must save the honey,” called out Johan and he began to lash through the air with a wooden sword at the entanglement of tentacles as they seethed and pulled at the small ship. The small bear pulled his small wooden sword from his sheath and began to swing and wave his sword in the air too but the two of them were no match against the massive monster of the deep.

Monster Attacks!

“Perhaps we could sacrifice one of the barrels in order to divert the monster,” suggested the little bear.  “There are two of us and two barrels. Let’s release your barrel into the sea as a diversion and then make good our escape.”

Release the Honey!

Johan gave a knowing wink and shouted his agreement above the sound of the imaginary  gale. Soon the two of them had unlashed one mighty barrel and rolled it to the edge of the ship. With one enormous heave, they barged it over the edge of the vessel and it fell gently, almost too gently, like a champagne cork onto the surface of the frothing waves. The sea monster’s tentacles loosened their grip on the ship and coiled around the bopping container as it sunk beneath the waves, clutching its prized honey-barreled treasure.

The Monster Retires

Mrs. Jones collected the last few items of clothing from her washing line and dashed back inside her house as the spots of rain began to hasten.

“The monster’s retreating!” they cried out together, “The plan has worked!”

The two companions stood on the deck and surveyed the remaining barrel, labeled “Johan’s Honey” lashed safely on board.

“Which barrel did we push overboard? quizzed Johan to his bear, as the realization of their dreadful error began to sink in.

“Its of no importance,” blushed the little bear, “You might have known that two barrels of honey was too great a temptation for a little bear like me, on such a long voyage like this.”

He tapped the side of the remaining barrel with the hilt of his wooden sword and a hollow boom echoed out from its depths. Johan looked at his playmate with a loving glance and he could hold no grudge for his teddy’s honey fetish. He should have realized that the small bear could not avoid the temptation of the honey treasures on such a long voyage.

“We had better make our escape before the sea monster returns,” exclaimed Johan and he reset the main sail.

The wind billowed in the canvas sheets and tugged the small vessel assuredly out across the ocean, away from the monsters lair.

The Escape

“Our pirate adventure was incredible!” Johan whispered to his faithful toy companion.

“And so was the honey!” the teddy replied, with a wink, to Johan.


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One thought on “The Pirate Adventure

  1. thisboysslife on said:

    Such an amazing adventure! And happy the honey made it safely into your belly, Teddy. 🙂

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