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The Forest of the Four Seasons

Kris, Maxwell and Skippy trek deep into the Forest of the Four Seasons.

The Start of the Trek

“It’s such a beautiful place” exclaims Skippy aloud.

The Trek

“You must be a child of the Autumn!” exclaims a nearby flamingo, who overhears Skippy’s words.

The Flamingo

“How do you know that?” the three elves enquire of the bird.

“Our personalities are fixed at birth by the passing of the seasons,” replies the flamingo, “Trek deeper into the summer undergrowth. Nanaki the Aged can explain more.”

The three elves journey deeper past the spring foliage deep into the heart of summer.

In the midst of the summer branches, they find Nanaki the Aged.

Nanaki The Aged

“A child of the late autumn, such as you,” Nanaki the Aged tells Skippy, “Is one who is able to appreciate the fine beauty in the colours around.  He is also one who is able to make sound preparations for any adversities ahead.”

Nanaki the Aged tells the elves to return home, but to search the bark of the trees of their season, for special gifts left by the woodland spirits.

Kris spies a lush green mask, etched soundly into the leathered trunk of an ancient summer oak.


Maxwell finds his early autumn gift high in the branches of a sycamore tree, as it’s leaves are turning from verdant green towards the first mellows of the autumn shades.


Skippy finds a late autumn mask, hidden deep within the folds of an autumnal tree shrouded in deep red hues of late autumn leaves.


The three elves wear their treasured gifts proudly as they leave the Forest of the Four Seasons.

Homeward Bound

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