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Cutting the Mistletoe

Cutting the Mistletoe

Maxwell and the Mistletoe

Of course, as every good elf knows, one should cut a sprig of mistletoe on the day of Beltane in order to dream the annual Beltane Dream.

Skippy and the Mistletoe

Skippy and the Mistletoe

Skippy discovers the mistletoe and stands on a crate to take a sprig. He is determined to realise his Beltane Dream.

Kris and the Mistletoe

Kris and the Mistletoe

Even Kris, who is the biggest, has to stand on a box to reach the lower branches. Each of the three elves take a single sprig in order that they can dream the Beltane Dream.

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One thought on “Cutting the Mistletoe

  1. Our trek brought us to our final destination, the beautiful island of Rapscallion.
    It was hard work, but we each found the mystical mistletoe, as we each wanted to dream the Beltane Dream.

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