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The Burning of the Wickerman

The Arrival

The Arrival

After a week-long trek across the whole of Fantasia, Kris, Maxwell and Skippy arrived at the Island of Escapades to join the celebration of Beltane.

The Gathering

The Gathering

Once the crowds had gathered, they were led up to the top of Skull Mountain, where a gigantic Wickerman had been constructed upon the remains of an ancient volcano.

The Burning

The Burning

One-by-one the crowd threw their burning torches into the firewood base and soon the Wickerman was ablaze in the evening sky.



As the Wickerman burnt, the crowds sang songs of anticipation of the long summer ahead and dwelt on thoughts of the cold winter past. A few brave souls dared to jump the embers of the fire’s remains and others danced around the base. It was a good Beltane indeed.

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One thought on “The Burning of the Wickerman

  1. I’m happy to see a picture of us three together there. Thanks for documenting our adventure.

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