Maxwell Grantly

Magical stories from an independent author

The Beltane Dreams

By the Camp Fire

By the Camp Fire

It had been an exhausting week; a tiring trek across the whole of Fantasia, the search for mistletoe sprigs and the burning of the Wickerman. The three elves sat around the camp fire and marvelled at what they had done and seen that week.

Camp Fire Entertainment

Camp Fire Entertainment

They spent the following short hours laughing, talking and entertaining one another as the mellow springtime night drew stealthily in on hushed footsteps.

Kris Falls Asleep

Kris Falls Asleep

One by one the elves retired to their tents. Kris, the eldest was soon fast asleep.

Maxwell Can't Sleep

Maxwell Can’t Sleep

“Are you asleep yet?” quietly whispered Maxwell to Skippy in the neighbouring tent.

Skippy's Can't Sleep Either

Skippy’s Can’t Sleep Either

“I can’t sleep,” Skipppy yawned, “I”m too excited.”

The Dreamtime Begins

The Dreamtime Begins

But soon the three of them fell fast asleep and continued their fantastical trek into the nighttime world of the DreamTime. The mistletoe was playing it’s Beltane magic in their young minds and soon begun to conjure the most wondrous visions inside their sleeping heads. What can these dreams mean?

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One thought on “The Beltane Dreams

  1. What an incredible night! I feel fortunate to have such amazing brothers.
    Our dreams were amazing and I am happy we had the chance to share them.
    Now…off to the Sandman!

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