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The Stolen Egg

When a local spiv is deceived into stealing a supposed bird’s egg, a series of events start to unfold in the steampunk town of New Babbage. This results in an adventure that no one could have imagined. It is only with the help of the town’s numerous street urchins that order can finally be restored. Find out for yourself what was inside the stolen egg and how this creature came to affect the residents of New Babbage with a series of incredible exploits and adventures.

This book is produced as a cartoon series, composed of hundreds of incredibly beautiful and detailed pictures that will enchant and mesmerize you.

Shiver m’Timbers

Shiver m

In this book, Father Mosely takes two small adopted elves, Maxwell and Skippy, to the beach at New Brighton for the very first time. Find out what amazing adventures they have and how they get the taste of their first ever Knickerbocker Glory. (Illustrations by Skippy Beresford.)

Hold Your Horses

Hold Your Horses Banner

Maxwell and Skippy had been looking forward to the annual village fete all summer. They were among friends and they knew that no one would stare at them or poke fun at their pointed elven ears. They both were so excited at the thoughts of watching the Donkey Derby, guessing the weight of the cake, counting marbles in a jar and visiting the numerous stalls around the village green. What could be better on a lovely sunny afternoon?

However, things take a turn for the worse when the Donkey Derby becomes cancelled, especially for Father Mosely (their carer) who had a secret passion for horse betting on the sly!

Read “Hold Your Horses” and find out how Maxwell and Skippy saved the day for the whole village. The plot will have you smiling in delight and the dreamy illustrations by Skippy Beresford will delight you.

The Sugar Monster

Who could ever think that a simple ten-minute stroll to the village grocery shop could be fraught with so much danger and excitement?

Read this free book and you’ll be desperate to visit the village stores for your bag of sugar too.

However, be careful! Watch out for the Sugar Monster.

(Illustrations by Skippy Beresford.)

Runs Like Clockwork

Runs Like Clockwork

This heart-wrenching tale is set in the fictional steampunk town of New Babbage, in a world without electricity.

An elderly clockmaker and seller, Mr. McKenzie, constructs a mechanical shop assistant to help in his store, using the remains of a child’s stuffed toy bear and some miscellaneous clock components. He gives his creation the name of “River Falcon” after randomly scanning the pages of a yellowed dusty atlas and he takes the clockwork bear to work in his store. One noticeable feature of this amazing invention is the addition of a mechanical reading eye, which allows River Falcon to read the labels of the clocks and timepieces for potential customers.

The invention proves its worth in the store, by attracting a great deal of attention from customers and passers-by alike. However, a thief also spies River Falcon and decides to steal him as an attraction for a travelling circus.

It is then that his reading ability allows him to achieve his true potential and to discover how the power of the written word can change his life for the better: how he can discover the true meaning of both friendship and love.

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