Maxwell Grantly

Magical stories from an independent author

Fingers and the Dream Thief

Fingers and the Dream Thief

Edward Croydon (also known as “Fingers”) was abandoned and left on the streets of New Babbage by his uncaring parents. Fate forced him to work to survive, shining shoes and picking pockets of rich passers-by. Finally, the kindness of one sympathetic customer encouraged Fingers to consider moving into the local orphanage, financed by the town’s wealthy photographer: Mr. Snude. Fingers found that the children of the home were very well-cared for and had all the toys that they could ever dream of. The orphanage looked like a paradise for homeless street children! However, despite these toys, Finger discovered that these children lacked any imagination or playfulness and he soon discovered that the children’s home had a dark and dreadful secret: Mr. Snude was a dream thief!

Discover how Fingers saved the children from a life devoid of dreams and how he was able to teach Mr. Snude a lesson that he would never forget.

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