Maxwell Grantly

Magical stories from an independent author

Fingers and the Dream Thief

Opening the Dream Bottle

Mr. Snude was a wealthy steampunk photographer and a benefactor of the local orphanage in New Babbage. However, his generous intentions hid a darker side to his personality: he would use the modified posing stands in his photographic studio to steal dreams from his young victims. He relished the consumption of dreams from the local orphans: children’s imaginations are always such fertile and magical places.

It wasn’t until a new orphan was introduced that Mr. Snude’s plans started to go awry. Fingers, a shoeshine boy rescued from the streets, began to investigate the strange bland behaviour of his new friends and soon discovered the sinister secret behind the photographic studio.

How can Fingers save his friends from a life devoid of dreams and teach Mr. Snude a lesson that he will never forget?

This delightful ebook is packed with an illustration on every page and is perfect for sharing your love of literature with the younger members of your family.


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