Maxwell Grantly

Magical stories from an independent author

The Fingers Trilogy

Fingers the Pickpocket

Allow me to introduce a street urchin to you: Fingers, the shoeshine boy.

Do not be fooled by his friendly smile. He might tell you that he is called ‘Fingers’ due to the fingerless gloves that he wears but don’t believe a word he says. Fingers is a prolific pickpocket and I’d advise you to keep your hands on your valuables, when you pass him in the street.

Fingers has a knack for getting into trouble. In fact, just recently, he has uncovered a major bank heist, stolen a portable time machine and unearthed a sinister dream thief! You are very welcome to download a free compilation of his exploits, The Fingers Trilogy, if you want to find out more about his fantastic tales.

Like all stories by Maxwell Grantly, The Fingers Trilogy can be downloaded completely free of charge from Barnes & Noble, Blio, iBooks, Inktera, Kobo, Lulu and Smashwords. (Sadly, the software at Amazon does not allow a zero pricing and so, if you use a Kindle, you may also download this story – but at a very small charge.)

Just type ‘Maxwell Grantly’ into the search bar of your favourite Internet eBook store, to access this beautifully illustrated story.

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