Maxwell Grantly

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Fantasy Faire


Today at 12:00 noon (Second Life Time) I have been asked to participate in a literacy event at Second Life’s Fantasy Faire. I have chosen to read one of my stories, one that was pictured within the now redundant Pfaffenthal sim of Second Life: Professor Nibbler’s Most Amazing Mouse Circus.

If you are free in three hours time, you are welcome to log in and listen.

“Have you seen a real live mouse circus? If you have, you’re very lucky indeed, as very few other people have ever seen one. When Professor Nibbler brought his most amazing mouse circus to Pfaffenthal, two homeless children (Jacob and Molly) were enchanted by the posters that were pasted across the city. However, as is common with other stories from Maxwell Grantly, things don’t go according to plan. Discover how Jacob and Molly got to see the most amazing mouse circus in the world and find out what they saw there.”

You can find more details here.

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