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You may have seen very little activity from me, over the past few months, and wondered what I am up to.

You will already know, if you have read any of my free eBooks, that I am interested in Victorian history. Many of my stories are based around this era or set in a Victorian steampunk genre. You would be correct in thinking that the Victorian period is a favourite point of interest for me.

Since the start of 2019 I have paired up with an Internet friend of mine (cyberpiper) and, together, we have worked on the construction of a computer-generated reconstruction of 1867 Luxembourg. My friend lives in Luxembourg and has an avid interest in the year 1867, due to its importance in the history of Luxembourg. As for me, as you will already know, this project marries very closely with my own interest in history and my background in the education of children.

Although a great deal of work has been completed, there is still a vast amount of work left to do. It will be a long time until we can both realise our goal of a fully functioning game, set in 1867, where gamers can live, work and explore the city of Luxembourg, in 1867. Even still, this short video should give you a taste of what has been achieved so far.

If you are interested you can access the game by clicking on this link.

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