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All Builders Together

The preparations for the 2019 Fantasy Faire event is well under way. The whole event is starting to take shape.

Fantasy Faire 2019

by Elizabeth Tinsley, Zander Greene and Da5id Abbot

As we write this, Elizabeth’s chasing late-arriving merchants, Zander’s in studio producing pieces for FFR and David’s on top of a tower watching the check-in team working to help those merchants who’ve already arrived and set up their stores. It’s the Faire in a nutshell: everyone working in their own tasks to create a larger whole, and that again is a snapshot of Relay, which is a snapshot of the fight against cancer.

Last year, we said “We’re all builders now.” It’s still true: the Hope Hostel at Kenyatta National Hospital is almost ready to begin, and by the end of this Relay season we’re pretty confident that they’ll be ready to break ground, but we’re building – and we have built – more than a place for people to stay. We’ve built a home here in the Fairelands that we each…

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Frolic in Faireholm

Preparations are well under way for this year’s Fantasy Faire within Second life. It looks to be a very well-prepared festival.

Fantasy Faire 2019

A vast City with lots of colorful houses, shops and a huge castle where the main streets meet. A tribute to the sun and all the golden harmony it brings, the city of Faireholm is a beacon of hope to any who seek refuge from the dark.

Faireholm by Kayle Matzerath.

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