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A Clean Sweep

Always inspiring imagination and creativity.

What a brilliant story!

Beautiful capture.

Your comics are getting better and better!

Albert’s Wiggly Tooth

Always so happy to see an exciting new story from your imagination and into our hearts.

This was a very entertaining book and very funny for younger kids.

All the twelve-year olds in my class are reading this. I just had to see what the fuss was about. I was not disappointed.

Alfred and the Broken Flute

It’s an exciting tale and fraught with danger!

I downloaded and read it right away. What a delightful story! I do like the presentation of illustration and text.

Bandit – The Short-Sighted Cat Burglar

A fascinating story with humour. Very well told and brilliantly illustrated. A well deserved 5 stars.

This story is so cute. I love all the pictures.

An unusual and entertaining story that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. The excellent illustrations help bring the story to life. Recommended.

It’s a delightful little story! Happy endings for all!

Conker Bonkers:

Lovely fun story.

Count on Teddy:

It’s a lovely little story.

Another amazing tale involving one of our favourite friends! Teddy always did have a tough time with the numbers.

Dancing Della:

Another great story from this author, with beautiful illustrations.

An interesting use of gin bottles. I liked the idea because I’m a fan of the 60s psychedelic band Thirteenth Floor Elevators and they had a guy on electric jug.

Dancing Della and the Empty Gin Bottles:

That was fun!

I love your work. You are so talented.

A nice exciting short story. I enjoyed reading this story.

Dancing Della Finds Her Hat:

A captivating story well told and beautifully illustrated. It follows on beautifully from Dancing Della and the gin bottles.

Dear Diary:

No reviews at present.

Fingers and the Dream Thief:

Beautifully done!

Your stories and images are always rich with heart and light. I hope people will take the time to pick them up and read them as your imagination is inspiring.

Well done indeed!

Another cool story.

A simple and straightforward children’s story, “Fingers and the Dream Thief” is an interesting balance between 3D digital art and storytelling since all descriptions are expressed by the illustrations, with little writing covering the actions. Fingers is an orphan child making a living in a steampunk city by polishing rich men’s shoes and pickpocketing them every now and then. One day, he is told about a lovely local orphanage. There, all children are encouraged to play all day long. But the place hides a dark secret and Fingers needs to save his new friends. I would say it is a bit too short (a few minutes reading), but the fact that there are more books with Finger’s adventures makes up for this. The illustrations and simple writing make it great for children beginning to read.

Fingers and the Pocket Watch:

Another fine Grantley children’s book using Second Life CGI. This tale delivers a more complex, darker tale, but I think it works overall. I’m enjoying the idea of game graphics for books and Fingers leads, well, an interesting life. Great use of Victorian slang too.

Fingers and the Pocket Watch Too:

I loved the book.

Fire Starter!

It’s a good story, makes me want to go and visit the <words removed to avoid spoilers>!

Great pictures and such a cute story.


Gobbler and the Mirror

Well done! Great action shot and another wonderful story. Very cool action shot that is filled with excitement just like the tale of Gobbler and the Mirror!


Gobbles – The Hungry Cat

So weirdly wonderful!

A cute story anyone who ever had a cat should identify with. Thank goodness Jack had only one cat.

It’s a really charming series.

What a wonderful story, with beautiful illustrations. I love your work, Maxwell. I will recommend this book without hesitation.

Hold Your Horses:

A very nice story. Well told and lovely illustrations. Thank you for making it free for children to enjoy.

I enjoyed this story the first time I read it. Five Stars.

Jack and the Space Pirates:

Jack and the Space Pirates touches on child labour: the story’s hero is Jack, is employed to “creep into the tiny gaps between the timbers” of space ships to apply the tar need to keep “space out” – a job which sounds akin to the Victorian use of children as chimney sweeps because of the ability to worm their way up flues, or in earlier times, to clean out the spaces behind tightly-packed spinning jennies at the start of the industrial era.

Well done again, Maxwell! I have already picked up my copy! Your imagination knows no bounds. Keep shining and creating.

A fabulous children’s story. I love space, pirates and steampunk. It’s all in here! Great size for kids, though sentences may challenge ones ages 3-5. I don’t know a thing about Second Life, but Mr. Grantly may have cornered a new market in using its CGI for books. The characters could stand to emote and face each other, but that’s more a limitation of the computer, not the author. I am soon to digest more works from this writer.

This is a delightful adventure tale for young steampunk fans. Jack tars ships against the ravages of interstellar space until one day pirates arrive at the station where he works, which happens to resemble a Victorian sea port. Can young Jack stop the pirates from stealing a ship and its cargo of gold? I enjoyed the whimsical illustrations. Most of the time they pulled me right in. That said, some poses and expressions didn’t quite feel natural. Still a fun little adventure that might inspire discussion with a young reader and fuel their imagination.

Leif’s Quest:

I really enjoyed reading it.

Loved it!

The final photograph of Leif and Tia was magical.

Lunar Dreams:

This is a very cute children’s book.

Professor Nibbler’s Most Amazing Mouse Circus:

Good to read.

I adore that book. Excellent graphics in all your work.

I very much enjoyed reading your story.

Amazing! Such great images now as well! Among the best you have made so far, I feel. I am thrilled and it’s a great story also! Keep up the good work!

Amazing! I cannot wait to see the next chapters!

So well made.

Runs Like Clockwork:

This is awesome!

Beautifully illustrated throughout.

A bittersweet ending.

The first thing that came to mind during the first few pages of this story was Pinocchio. The parallels between the two stories of an inanimate toy that comes to life, and its relationship to an elderly creator, are unmistakable. But as the story moves forward it creates its own narrative, which is a good thing. Essentially this is a story for younger readers about an enchanting toy bear that is suddenly taken from his home and experiences some notable difficulties trying to find his way back. He eventually meets a kind stranger who takes him in and assists him in trying to find the elderly clockmaker who created him and the life he valued as a very unique assistant with a knack for convincing customers to make a purchase. The imagination of the story is what attracted me the most, and I believe it is the most commendable aspect of the book. The writing is also good, although sometimes uneven. The opening sequences are, in my opinion, the strongest and most well-written by far. In fact, if the rest of the book had grabbed me like the first pages I definitely would have given this a stronger review. Although the storyline is nothing new and has been used countless times in countless other stories, that is not necessary a bad thing. There is, after all, nothing new under the sun. What I believe the story needed were a few more unexpected twists and turns, and more consistency in the writing. But when this story flows, it runs like clockwork.

This is a longer, more involved children’s story than other ones I have read from Mr. Grantly, but it is worth it! I found River Falcon an engaging protagonist, not something I’d expect to say of a juvenile book character. Warm, polite, intelligent and dare I say cozy. The overall tale would be great to tell kids at night, ending at a chapter to make them wait until another evening. The tale is imaginative, not like Pinocchio at all. This is not a puppet to boy story, but a hero’s journey with a steampunk teddy! Excellent.

Shiver m’Timbers:

No reviews at present.

Sprocket and the Sparrow:

Sprocket and the Sparrow carries a more obvious message on the importance of conservation, but it is one that is again imaginatively told.

Well done, as always. This is excellent!

I think it’s wonderful how you come up with different ideas: simply brilliant!

I enjoyed reading your latest book.

A great story filled with wonder and delight.

Teddy’s Many Hats:

Your book “Teddy’s Many Hats” is delightful.

Good quality, very quickly delivered, well packaged and would be happy to buy from again.

I loved this little story! We got my son a teddy the day I found out that I was pregnant. He is now six and will not go anywhere without it! This book was just touching to us. Thank you Maxwell!

This just teaches what is inside not on the outside! Great book!

The story is very interesting and full of love. It is a good book for children and young people, as well as adults.

The Boy With the Clockwork Heart

It made me cry.

The Christmas Penny

A delightful story about the adventures and decisions made on the streets of the city of New Babbage. Thanks again, Maxwell. I shall download more of your stories via Kindle.

A lovely story. I saw the “surprise” near the end coming, since comments made beforehand had already revealed it, but I enjoyed the story and especially loved the very end.

What a beautiful story.

The Early Days:

Loved the story.

Looking forward to the next episode.

The Fingers Trilogy:

I loved Fingers and his friends.

The Ghostman:

Loved it! Compelling idea, clear storytelling, vivid imagery and a great sense of the fear these people endured. Even early on, the foreboding starts to draw you in and the climax is everything promised in the buildup. There really is no room for improvement. I will be looking for more!

I really enjoyed this short collection, and hope the author writes more “ghoulish adventures” for Jamie Summers: a believable character who finds himself involved in unbelievable occurrences.

I really liked this story. It was very intriguing and held my attention. Extremely well written and your word usage was exceptional. Nicely done!

This is a completely compelling story. The tone is filled with anxiety. It takes all the reader’s attention and makes them want to read on. The reader is pulled along by suspense. They will read to the very last word. The plot is straight forward and moves along logically. The conflict is well defined. There is no doubt about what is going on here. The characters are well developed and believable. They come across as real people. The dialogue is well done and realistic. The characters speak like real people. The description is detailed and vivid. It puts the reader all the way into the story. The story is well structured and consistent in terms of point of view and tense. Great job.

The Incredible Adventure of Fingers and Boston:

Rich with excitement, humour and playful characters.

It’s good to see more steampunk children’s books making the rounds. This one has an illustration on every page but it is not quite a comic book. You can read aloud with a child or help him read on his own and early readers will get a sense of accomplishment over the length.

Your books are always fun to read and bring a smile to my face. May you never stop writing them.

I enjoyed reading it. I think it’s your best ebook ever!

The Stolen Egg:

I just read “The Stolen Egg” and I thought it was absolutely charming. Sixty-seven pages of absolute awesome-sauce! I’d love to read more stories by you. You’re a brilliant writer with such a vivid imagination.

I can’t wait to read more awesome stories!

I love the graphic-novel/comic scenario and I am already hooked with your plot.

The story is easy to follow and is set up well. A good job.

Your strip has a good start and I see an adventure in your hero’s future, the like of which he never expected, I’m sure.

The Sugar Monster:

It took me about thirty seconds to fall in love with these two mischievous elves.

The childhood imagination of Maxwell and Skippy was simply delightful.

It brought back my own childhood sense of adventure – well done

Purchased this the other day and read it to my son – we both enjoyed it!

Especially love the artwork throughout the book.

The Vampire Cats:

No reviews at present.

Timothy’s Big Adventure:

What a lovely story. I really enjoyed reading it. This is perfect for five year olds.

It’s wonderful. Thank you so much. This eBook is fantastic.

This book follows the adventures of Timothy the Tortoise, who lives with a little boy called George, who lives with his parents in a small house “many miles from anywhere” (photographed in Frisland) and is too young to go to school. Timothy is somewhat envious of George’s fast-paced and, to Timothy’s way of thinking, exciting life. However, all that changes when Timothy falls through a hole and finds himself in an intergalactic adventure in another universe. Timothy’s Big Adventure is the kind of short story which harkens back to childhood memories of bedtime stories; indeed, the book itself makes excellent material for such a setting if you have small children of your own. The plot is uncomplicated, easy-to-follow and the illustrations, created using characters and settings from inside Second Life, are delightful. Another aspect to the appeal of this book is the care with which the illustrations have been composed; facial expressions have been deliberately selected, for example, to help give even passing characters their own personality – and I admit to smiling at both the astronaut’s expression and choice of words “Yikes!” on being confronted by the lizard aliens!