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Synching Cat Energy Levels

Jet and Sniffles

Jet and Sniffles

Synching Cat Energy Levels

You may already know that, if one cat is asleep and one is awake, they will never be able to mate. However, if one cat is happy (over 75% happy) and one cat is not (under 75% happy) they will also not be able to produce a box. Both cats must be over 75% happiness at the same time in order to reproduce and make a box.

The happiness of the cats runs on a cycle, depending on their energy level. Therefore, to get over this potential breeding problem and to maximise box production, it is important to synchronise their energy levels to be as close as possible.

Now, this is how it can be done:

When a cat sleeps, its energy rises from 0% to 100%. When a cat is awake, its energy level falls from 100% to 0% again. Wait until the cat with the higher energy level is awake and the cat with the lower energy level is asleep. (If you spot a chance, you could wake one of them up to create this situation.) The cat that is awake will start to reduce its energy level and the cat that is sleeping will continue to increase its energy level. When both cats have identical values of energy (or are very close) wake up the sleeping cat and the synching is then complete.

Just one word of warning (and an extra complexity) a cat must have over 25% energy in order to be able to be woken. This may need to be taken into account when doing this task.

If the male and female are shared between two different owners, it might be easier if one owner has both cats in order to perform the synching – it can get rather complicated if not. That person can then pass the “other” cat back to the original owner after this is all completed. This may make the task a little easier to complete.

When the cats have identical (or near identical) energy levels, their happiness levels will also be synchronised. This means that they will be at their optimum for breeding purposes and will produce a box at the most efficient rate.

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