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Fantasy Faire Presentation

Professor Nibbler

Maxwell Grantley presents ‘Professor Nibbler’s Most Amazing Mouse Circus’


Fri, 19 April, (12:00 – 13:00 Second Life Time / 20:00 – 21:00 British Summer Time)


Trollhaugen (Second Life)


Have you seen a real live mouse circus? If you have, you’re very lucky indeed, as very few other people have ever seen one. As part of the performance, the mice will climb upon tightropes, perform amazing acrobatics and scamper about doing all sorts of incredible things. When Professor Nibbler brought his most amazing mouse circus to Luxembourg, two homeless children (Jacob and Molly) were enchanted by the posters that were pasted across the city. However, as is common with other stories from Maxwell Grantly, things don’t go according to plan. Discover how Jacob and Molly got to see the most amazing mouse circus in the world and find out what they saw.

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Fantasy Faire 2019


This Friday (Friday 19th April at 20:00 – British Summer Time) Maxwell Grantly will be talking about and reading from his story ‘Professor Nibbler’s Most Amazing Mouse Circus’ – as part of the online Fantasy Faire event. At the same time, he will be giving a slideshow presentation of illustrations from the book.

You are warmly welcome to attend the online session, if you are free. You can find more details about Fantasy Faire at the following link:

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