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Bandit – The Short-Sighted Cat Burglar

Bandit - The Short-Sighted Cat Burglar

Bandit – The Short-Sighted Cat Burglar

Sophie and her family, Mr. and Mrs. Goggles, lived in the town of Myopia.

Everyone in Myopia was short-sighted and so it was no surprise that, when the time came, Sophie should fail her eye test too. Therefore, Mr. and Mrs. Goggles bought their daughter a small kitten, as a present, in order to console her.

Of course, the family guessed that the kitten was bound to be short-sighted. After all, everyone in Myopia wore corrective eye-pieces. However, they never realised that their new kitty addition was an accomplished cat burglar, with a dreadful criminal record. As you may guess, everything was bound to go wrong.

Read Maxwell Grantly’s latest delightful story, Bandit – The Short-Sighted Cat Burglar, to find out what happened and how Bandit regained Sophie’s trust.


“Bandit – The Short-Sighted Cat Burglar” can be downloaded, totally free of charge, from Barnes & Noble, Blio, iBooks, Inktera, Kobo, Lulu and Smashwords. (There is a small charge when downloading from Amazon, however, and so you may find the other sites more advantageous.)

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