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Dancing Della Finds Her Hat

The Rat Man

In the last story (featuring Dancing Della) Della escaped from the sewer network but, sadly, she left her straw boater behind. In this sequel we discover how Della returned to the sewer complex, in order to recover her beloved straw boater from the maze of tunnels. However, as is common with stories by Maxwell Grantly, you can always expect the unexpected and you will learn that Della’s return is filled with suspense and danger.

Read ‘Dancing Della Finds Her Hat’ and discover how Della managed to draw a line under her terrifying adventures in the sewers!

If you are interested in reading this story, it can be downloaded free of charge from Barnes & Noble, Blio, iBooks, Inktera, Kobo, Lulu and Smashwords. Sadly, the software at Amazon does not allow a zero pricing and so (if you use a Kindle) you may also download it – but at a very small charge. Simply type “Maxwell Grantly” or “Dancing Della Finds Her Hat” into the search bar at any of these sites.

(This story contains an encounter with a ghost and so it may not be suitable for very young children. Parents should always exercise their discretion by glancing through the pages first, knowing what sort of material their child is comfortable with.)

The Ghostman

The Ghostman

Jamie Summers works in the Great Yarmouth area as a mentalist, performing magic tricks and various mind routines with a psychological edge. To his friends he is simply known as Jamie but to his audiences he is known by his stage name: Doctor Logic. However, Jamie has a third and more sinister name: The Ghostman. In the role of The Ghostman, he often finds himself in very difficult and scary situations. This collection of short stories takes the form of four different ghost stories, written for both adults and older children.

(1) Find out more about the young girl who lives at The Swallows Arms in Belton and why she acts so strangely.

(2) Discover how Jamie Summers celebrated the birthday of a blind friend, Claude, and accidentally discovered a ghost dog in the process.

(3) Learn how Jamie came to cross paths with a real vampire cat.

(4) Finally, learn the real story of a true tragic historical event that occurred in the seaside town of Great Yarmouth.

These four tales will thrill and scare you as you read through but, afterwards, you will be left with a smile on your face and a keenness to explore further ghoulish adventures of Jamie Summers: The Ghostman.

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