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Get a Head – Get A Hat!

Do you wear hats?

Teddy, Edward’s favourite toy, had a huge collection of hats.

Teddy's Many Hats

Teddy had hats for watching Edward go fishing, hats for exploring in the garden, hats for playing with Edward’s building blocks and many other hats too! However, when Teddy decided he wanted to tell Edward how much he loved him, he wondered which hat he should wear. Teddy looked in the toy cupboard and found his thinking hat. He sat in the playroom and pondered upon this important question: which hat was best for telling Edward how much he was loved? Finally, Teddy had a simple and remarkable plan.

Find out which hat Teddy wore, when he told Edward how much he loved him.

Of course, with any story by Maxwell Grantly, things never go according to plan.

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