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If you have young children in your family, they are sure to love the antics of the adorable teddy bear, simply named ‘Teddy.’ Best of all, this delightful eBook is completely free to download from both iTunes and Kobo.

Count on Teddy

Edward had a special playmate called Teddy, who owned a lot of different hats. Teddy had a smart bowler hat for listening to the BBC news on the radio, a baseball cap for riding his tricycle across the lawn and even a special shabby top hat for talking with Edward in the garden.

You might wonder how many hats Teddy owned: Edward certainly did! Sadly, Teddy was unable to count. Therefore, Edward decided to take Teddy for a special walk around the village and teach the little bear all the important numbers, up to five.

Can Teddy remember his first five numbers and then answer a simple quiz?

Like all zany stories from Maxwell Grantly, things are bound to go wrong in the most unexpected way. However, there is a simple moral to this story and younger readers are sure to appreciate the beautiful illustrations that accompany this lively tale.


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