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The Fingers Trilogy

Fingers the Pickpocket

Allow me to introduce a street urchin to you: Fingers, the shoeshine boy.

Do not be fooled by his friendly smile. He might tell you that he is called ‘Fingers’ due to the fingerless gloves that he wears but don’t believe a word he says. Fingers is a prolific pickpocket and I’d advise you to keep your hands on your valuables, when you pass him in the street.

Fingers has a knack for getting into trouble. In fact, just recently, he has uncovered a major bank heist, stolen a portable time machine and unearthed a sinister dream thief! You are very welcome to download a free compilation of his exploits, The Fingers Trilogy, if you want to find out more about his fantastic tales.

Like all stories by Maxwell Grantly, The Fingers Trilogy can be downloaded completely free of charge from Barnes & Noble, Blio, iBooks, Inktera, Kobo, Lulu and Smashwords. (Sadly, the software at Amazon does not allow a zero pricing and so, if you use a Kindle, you may also download this story – but at a very small charge.)

Just type ‘Maxwell Grantly’ into the search bar of your favourite Internet eBook store, to access this beautifully illustrated story.

Fingers and the Pocket Watch Too (sic)

Fingers the Pickpocket

Early in 2015, I produced a cartoon strip called ‘Fingers and the Pocket Watch.’ It told the tale of a shoeshine street urchin who stole a pocket watch from the waistcoat of a rich customer. However, later in the adventure, Fingers discovered that the stolen timepiece was in fact a portable time machine that could enable the owner to travel backwards in time. The story told of the adventures of Fingers and how he used the pocket watch to make sense of his tragic past. By travelling back in time and meeting his parents, Fingers was able to draw a line under his dreadful upbringing.

The character of Fingers was so attractive that I wrote two further stories about his adventures: one from his past and one from his immediate future. However, when I wrote these newer stories, I decided to adopt a picture book format instead. I often wondered how the original story might look, had I written it as a picture book in the first place.

Therefore, I decided to rewrite the story of ‘Fingers and the Pocket Watch’ as an illustrated picture book. You are welcome to download it free of charge at all my usual Internet outlets: Barnes & Noble, Blio, iBooks, Inktera, Kobo, Lulu and Smashwords. (Sadly, the software at Amazon does not allow a zero pricing and so, if you use a Kindle, you may also download this story – but at a very small charge.)

Simply type “Maxwell Grantly” into the search bar at any of these eight sites to access my full library of stories.

Christmas Podcast


If you have read several of my eBooks, you might have noticed that I have developed a specific formatting style for many of my works. Most of my stories have a simple narrative thread but they are packed with numerous beautiful illustrations to accompany the text. However, you may have noticed that my last story (The Christmas Penny) deviated from this general trend. The reason for this change was that my last story was written solely for a steampunk podcast competition, due to be released in time for Christmas.

I am very pleased to announce that this story was successful in the competition and that it was selected (with three others) to form part of the podcast production. Incidentally, just by chance, all four stories were based around street urchin characters and so I understand that the podcast will have a strong steampunk urchin theme. If you have children, they may particularly relish this aspect!

The podcast is currently in the production stage and I understand that it is due for release in the few weeks. Of course, I shall be pleased to provide a link when it is finally available for download.

Gobbler and the Mirror

Gobbler and the Mirror

We all know that light travels incredibly quickly in a vacuum. When it passes through other media, such as water or glass, it slows down very slightly. So, just imagine what life would be like if light travelled substantially slower in glass! How would such a world look?

Professor Higgins discovered that, if you added a special crystalline compound to the manufacture of glass, you could create a new transparent substance that had the property of slowing light by a total of three hours. Just imagine looking through a window that was made of this new invention: it would be like looking three hours into the past!

A local street urchin named Gobbler accidentally stumbled into a lecture given by Professor Higgins and learnt the secret behind this new amazing substance. His life would never be the same from that moment on. Find out how Gobbler’s life changed for the worse when he found himself being framed for a theft that he did not commit and discover whether he managed to clear his name.

Maxwell Grantly reveals all in his new eBook: “Gobbler and the Mirror.”

As is common with many stories by Maxwell, everything is not what it might at first seem to be!

The Incredible Adventure of Fingers and Boston

Abandoned by his parents and forced by fate to work on the streets of New Babbage shining shoes, Edward Croydon (also known as “Fingers”) was forced to pick the pockets of rich gentlemen in order to survive. However, his life took an unexpected turn of events when he discovered a stray Boston terrier wandering alone on the streets: a dog with the most peculiar-shaped tag hanging from her collar. Unfortunately, it was not only Fingers who was interested in finding out the meaning of this curious dog tag; a gang of local criminals were searching too.

Will Fingers find out the significance behind the strange-shaped dog tag of his new canine friend?

Fingers and the Dream Thief

Fingers and the Dream Thief

Edward Croydon (also known as “Fingers”) was abandoned and left on the streets of New Babbage by his uncaring parents. Fate forced him to work to survive, shining shoes and picking pockets of rich passers-by. Finally, the kindness of one sympathetic customer encouraged Fingers to consider moving into the local orphanage, financed by the town’s wealthy photographer: Mr. Snude. Fingers found that the children of the home were very well-cared for and had all the toys that they could ever dream of. The orphanage looked like a paradise for homeless street children! However, despite these toys, Finger discovered that these children lacked any imagination or playfulness and he soon discovered that the children’s home had a dark and dreadful secret: Mr. Snude was a dream thief!

Discover how Fingers saved the children from a life devoid of dreams and how he was able to teach Mr. Snude a lesson that he would never forget.

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