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Fingers and the Pocket Watch Too (sic)

Fingers the Pickpocket

Early in 2015, I produced a cartoon strip called ‘Fingers and the Pocket Watch.’ It told the tale of a shoeshine street urchin who stole a pocket watch from the waistcoat of a rich customer. However, later in the adventure, Fingers discovered that the stolen timepiece was in fact a portable time machine that could enable the owner to travel backwards in time. The story told of the adventures of Fingers and how he used the pocket watch to make sense of his tragic past. By travelling back in time and meeting his parents, Fingers was able to draw a line under his dreadful upbringing.

The character of Fingers was so attractive that I wrote two further stories about his adventures: one from his past and one from his immediate future. However, when I wrote these newer stories, I decided to adopt a picture book format instead. I often wondered how the original story might look, had I written it as a picture book in the first place.

Therefore, I decided to rewrite the story of ‘Fingers and the Pocket Watch’ as an illustrated picture book. You are welcome to download it free of charge at all my usual Internet outlets: Barnes & Noble, Blio, iBooks, Inktera, Kobo, Lulu and Smashwords. (Sadly, the software at Amazon does not allow a zero pricing and so, if you use a Kindle, you may also download this story – but at a very small charge.)

Simply type “Maxwell Grantly” into the search bar at any of these eight sites to access my full library of stories.

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