Maxwell Grantly

Magical stories from an independent author


Runs Like Clockwork

A Clean Sweep: (Picture storybook)

A Clean Sweep ThumbnailIsaac (a sweep) lived an awful life but he found comfort in a secret letter, telling him that all would end well. His life changed dramatically after stealing a cigar box.


Albert’s Wiggly Tooth: (Picture storybook)

Albert's Wiggly Tooth ThumbnailAlbert never believed in the tooth fairy so he wondered what happened to his teeth, after being placed under his pillow. Chaos reigned the following Sunday in church!


Alfred and the Broken Flute: (Picture storybook)

Alfred waAlfred Thumbnails a homeless child busker, playing his wooden flute to earn money for food. His life became turned upside down when he was kidnapped by a pair of thugs.


Bandit – The Short-Sighted Cat Burglar: (Picture storybook)

Bandit ThumbnailWhen Sophie failed her eye test, her parents bought a rescue kitten as consolation. Although they guessed that the kitten was short-sighted too, no one knew that it was a cat burglar!


Conker Bonkers: (Short story, illustrated by Skippy Beresford)

Conker Bonkers

Two young elves discover the springtime secret of the Horse Chestnut tree. They use this information to locate every conker tree in the village with very exciting results.


Count on Teddy: (Picture storybook)

Count on Teddy Thumbnail

Sadly, Teddy cannot count and so Edward tries to teach him the first five numbers. However, Edward finds himself learning an important lesson instead.


Dancing Della: (Compilation picture storybook)

Della ThumbnailThis picture storybook is an abridged compilation of two existing stories by Maxwell Grantly: Dancing Della and the Empty Gin Bottles & Dancing Della Finds Her Hat.


Dancing Della and the Empty Gin Bottles: (Picture storybook)

Thumbnail of Dancing DellaDancing Della loves to dance at the Smugglers’ Arms. However, her life is thrown into turmoil when her straw boater gets thrown into the city’s sewers.


Dancing Della Finds Her Hat: (Picture storybook)

Dancing Della ThumbnailDancing Della returns to the sewers to find her beloved hat.  She thinks that it will be a short visit but, however, she is not prepared for what she finds there.


Dear Diary: (Short story, illustrated by Skippy Beresford)

Dear Diary

In this eBook, the reader is introduced to some of the background of two young elves, in the form of a humorous diary. This story forms part of a series telling the childhood adventures of Maxwell and Skippy.


Fingers and the Dream Thief: (Picture storybook)

Fingers and the Dream Thief

A wealthy photographer finances the local orphanage but abuses his generosity, by stealing the children’s dreams. It is left to a street urchin to turn the tables and teach him a lesson that he will never forget.


Fingers and the Pocket Watch: (Graphic novel)

Fingers and the Pocket Watch

A street urchin steals a pocket watch from a steampunk inventor. On discovering that it is a portable time machine, he tries to use it to make sense of his tragic past.


Fingers and the Pocket Watch Too: (Picture storybook)

Snapshot_021This exciting steampunk story has been adapted from a previous comic format (above) to produce a new beautifully illustrated storybook of Finger’s adventures.


Fire Starter: (Picture storybook)

Fire Starter Thumbnail When a series of fires broke out in the city, the finger of blame pointed to William Marley: the local chimney sweep. Can William clear his good name?


Gobbler and the Mirror: (Picture storybook)

Gobbler and the Mirror ThumbnailGobbler lived on the streets of New Babbage, stealing food to survive. His life changed dramatically when he accidentally discovered the secret of a new glass invention.


Gobbles – The Hungry Cat: (Picture storybook)

WGobbles Thumbnailhen Jack’s mother gave her son a small baby kitten, Gobbles, she only stressed just one rule: “Don’t feed her too much!” Sadly, Jack fed Gobbles far too much.


Hold Your Horses: (Short story, illustrated by Skippy Beresford)

Hold Your Horses

Two small elves are treated to a gift, a pair of hobby horses, at the annual village fete. When they discover that the donkey derby has been cancelled, chaos results.


Jack and the Space Pirates: (Picture storybook)

Jack and the Space Pirates

Jack (and his pet cat, Jet) become accidentally hijacked by space pirates. Jack has to devise a plan that will lead to his freedom and the release of a gold-carrying galleon.


Leif’s Quest: (Graphic novel)

Leif's Quest

A young elf must complete a gallant and noble quest in order to partner his childhood sweetheart. Adventures ensue when he decides that he should cross the Great Rift, from Fantasia, and enter the world of people.


Lunar Dream: (Short story, illustrated by Skippy Beresford)

Lunar Dreams

One night, two small elves share a mutual dream that involves a journey to the moon, accompanied by their pet kittens. A bizarre and fantastical adventure results, as they sleep.


Professor Nibbler’s Most Amazing Mouse Circus: (Short story with illustrations)

professor-nibbler-thumbnailTwo orphans, Jacob and Molly, spot some colourful posters for Professor Nibbler’s Most Amazing Mouse Circus, pasted on the city’s walls and hoardings. They are determined to see the spectacle for themselves.


Runs Like Clockwork: (Illustrated novel)

Runs Like Clockwork

An elderly clockmaker constructs an automation, using the remains of a stuffed toy and some miscellaneous clock components. However, it becomes stolen and must learn to make sense of its new clockwork life.


Shiver m’Timbers: (Short story, illustrated by Skippy Beresford)

Shiver m'Timbers

Two small elves hide their ears beneath wide-brimmed pirate hats, as they travel to the seaside for a day out. The resulting confusion leads to a most unexpected conclusion.


Sprocket and the Sparrow: (Picture storybook)

Sprocket and the Sparrow

A robot spies a sparrow at the window of a busy factory. He seeks to learn more about this beautiful bird and discovers an awful secret about the woodland next door.


Teddy’s Many Hats: (Picture storybook)

Teddy's Many HatsTeddy had a huge collection of hats. However, Teddy had a dilemma: which hat should he wear when he told his boy how much he is loved?


Timothy’s Big Adventure: (Picture storybook)

Timothy's Big Adventure Thumbnail

Timothy was George’s pet tortoise and playmate. Discover Timothy’s big adventure when he fell into a black hole behind a bag of potatoes.


The Boy With the Clockwork Heart: (Short story with illustrations)

Snapshot_016Edward once worked in a cotton mill, until he slipped and fell into the machinery. This story tells the tale of how he received a clockwork heart and how he met the Shadow three times.


The Christmas Penny: (Short story with illustrations)

The Christmas Penny ThumbnailTwo hungry street urchins discover a shining penny, laying in the snow one Christmas. How do they spend this resulting treasure?


The Early Days: (Short story, illustrated by Skippy Beresford)

The Early Days

A pair of hedgehogs are rescued from death on a busy road but tragedy results, leaving the hedgehogs to care for a pair of baby elves. The elves find themselves in the care of a local church and seek to find a loving family.


The Fingers Trilogy: (Compilation picture storybook)

Snapshot_002This beautifully illustrated storybook comprises of three fantastical stories, outlining the incredible adventures of Fingers, the pickpocket.


The Ghostman: (Four short stories)

The Ghostman

A local magician becomes known as the Ghostman as he explores the town’s history and he discovers a ghoulish past. Each of his adventures results in the discovery of a tragic tale and a petrifying ghost story.


The Incredible Adventure of Fingers and Boston: (Picture storybook)

The Incredible Adventure of Fingers and Boston

A steampunk street urchin discovers a stray dog with a weirdly shaped tag hanging from its collar. As he tries to discover the meaning of the dog tag, a thrilling adventure results.


The Stolen Egg: (Graphic novel)

The Stolen Egg

A spiv is deceived into stealing an egg from the ruins of a nearby castle. Before he is able to pass on the egg, it hatches into a tiny dragon that escapes to cause mayhem.


The Sugar Monster: (Short story, illustrated by Skippy Beresford)

The Sugar Monster

Two small elves are asked to visit the village store for a bag of sugar. On their journey, the younger elf is told about the existence of a dreadful sugar monster that reigns in the village.


The Vampire Cats: (Long story, illustrated by Skippy Beresford)


A pair of elves raise two small falcons from abandoned eggs. Later these falcons rescue a wishing tree from a forest fire and the resultant wish leads to the most magical adventure involving vampire cats.